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Is Blogging Green?

Okay, so today I decided to set up my "mobile device" on my blog account. I cannot imagine posting an entire blog from my phone because on my phone, I type with 2 thumbs, not 10 fingers and there is no spell check! I wonder, is there a green spin here? Am I saving energy? Water? Or, maybe even time? I think none of the above.

How about formatting. Will there be a space between the two blocks of text I just created or just one long blog paragraph? I prefer smaller chunks of text. Well, thank you for bearing with me or is it baring with me... hmmmm I'll have to get back to my computer and get back to you on that one.

Clearing the Air: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Standards

My father was a cabinetmaker for fifty years before passing away after a long battle with lung cancer last fall. I occasionally worked with him on home remodeling projects and I recall with clarity the toxic smells emanating from the stains and finishes he used to create the rich colors and lustrous finishes on his beautiful cabinetry designs.  
What I didn’t realize at the time, was that the cabinetry’s interior panels and shelving were composite wood products, laden with adhesives made from urea formaldehyde that would one day be declared as a Toxic Air Contaminant by the state we were living in at the time.

Good Green Guidelines

Not long ago, the field of sustainable design was a new concept for many people. However, due to the increasing number of green messages from advertisers and on-going conversations about climate change, everyone pretty much gets the idea— “green is good.” Nevertheless, it is more important than ever to discern a green product from one that somebody might be trying to sell you as eco-friendly. It seems everyone wants to cash in on the green bandwagon.

Living Well with Wool Carpet

Wool carpeting offers several natural advantages over synthetics carpets, which have a relatively short life cycle. After all, wool carpeting has been around for centuries and is what the synthetics try to emulate. Wool is stain resistant, repels liquids and naturally flame-retardant, so it doesn’t need to be treated with toxic coatings.

Wool is also a renewable resource that has a long useful life span (25 years is average for New Zealand Wool carpet) before it can be recycled or biodegrade.

Low-VOC Paint and Indoor Air Quality

The walls inside your home are a blank canvas and for relatively little investment, you can paint them with either a subtle hint or a powerful punch of color. But what about indoor air quality (IAQ)? One whiff from a standard can of paint and you will know that it contains a cocktail of toxins, called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which emit harmful chemicals into your home while you are painting and often times, long after the walls have dried.

Green Energy

As it turns out, the gas-guzzlers in every home are the costs of heating and cooling, which can account for up to 50 percent of your utility bill. Taking drastic action may be tempting but before considering an investment in a green energy solution, ask your local utility if they have an energy audit program in your area.  This first step will help uncover some simple ways to reduce your household’s energy consumption and hopefully your utility bill as well.

Is Green Mainstream?

Homework has a new meaning. Once a straightforward concept relating to students, it now applies to those of us who have long since graduated high school and college. Whether a student, an entrepreneur or household manager we all work at home. There are so many “jobs” right here under my own roof, I can endlessly distract myself from the real task—an assignment to find a story on another blog and relate it back to my blog.  Does anyone else have ADHWD (Attention Deficit Homework Distraction)?

April Fools?

Nope. Although, I almost got my son today when I brought home some handsome new clothes with the explanation that I was reading a college blog, and it stated the university he will be attending this fall recently instituted an informal dress code in their engineering department. There was a pause, a look of disbelief and then an audible sigh of relief when I said, "April Fools!" I love getting my family and friends on April Fools Day! I told my neighbor, who is traveling with her son on a college visit that her dog ran away (I was the pet-sitter)... not one of my better ideas.
Anyhow, here are some stats that might have you wishing I made them up specially for today's post.