Living Well with Wool Carpet

Wool carpeting offers several natural advantages over synthetics carpets, which have a relatively short life cycle. After all, wool carpeting has been around for centuries and is what the synthetics try to emulate. Wool is stain resistant, repels liquids and naturally flame-retardant, so it doesn’t need to be treated with toxic coatings.

Wool is also a renewable resource that has a long useful life span (25 years is average for New Zealand Wool carpet) before it can be recycled or biodegrade.
The Wool Research Organization of New Zealand (WRONZ) has found that wool’s unique fiber structure allows it to absorb air contaminants without re-emitting them. This is a real plus for indoor air quality. Wool carpeting is also good choice for chemically sensitive people.

Nature’s Carpet  began by serving this niche market and currently offers several weaves and colors that appeal to the masses. The carpets are all 100% wool and feature non-metallic or vegetable dyes and the backings are made from jute and held in place with natural rubber latex.

When looking to replace your carpet consider carpet tiles—they are easy to install and replace when worn or stained. The following questions will help you choose the greenest option for your home. Don’t hesitate to leave a question if you’d like more names of green carpet manufacturers.

Quick qualification guidelines for green carpets

  • Is the carpet fiber derived from renewable resources?
  • Does the carpet fiber or backing contain high-recycled content?
  • Is the backing made using low- or zero-VOC materials?
  • Is the carpet coated with toxic chemicals?
  • Does the manufacturer offer a recycle program? If not, how long will the product take to biodegrade in our landfills? 


  1. Wool carpeting sounds wonderful Tracy, especially after enduring this winter with the cold tile floor in our bedroom. One question though: is wool carpet a good choice for someone (me) who can't wear wool clothing?

  2. I learned a lot of new information from this post, Tracy. Thank you! It's great news for me that wool carpets don't have to be treated with flame retardants. Thanks also for the lead on where to find wool carpets.

    Really, really helpful!


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