Is Blogging Green?

Okay, so today I decided to set up my "mobile device" on my blog account. I cannot imagine posting an entire blog from my phone because on my phone, I type with 2 thumbs, not 10 fingers and there is no spell check! I wonder, is there a green spin here? Am I saving energy? Water? Or, maybe even time? I think none of the above.

How about formatting. Will there be a space between the two blocks of text I just created or just one long blog paragraph? I prefer smaller chunks of text. Well, thank you for bearing with me or is it baring with me... hmmmm I'll have to get back to my computer and get back to you on that one.


  1. I think I knew the answer to that one the moment I hit the send button. We aren't even baring our legs in Portland it is so cold!


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