Get Plastered: Eco-Friendly Interiors

The walls are the largest surface area in a room, but I bet you never thought of the role they play in your indoor air quality (IAQ). Of course, low- and zero-VOC paint choices abound and are an awesome green option to spruce up your space. However, if you are looking for something unique and maybe even gorgeous and jaw dropping
check out American Clay Enterprises Earth Plaster products. Unlike paint or even wallpaper, this unique wall treatment adds a level of depth and texture to a room that isn’t easily duplicated with faux painting techniques.

The plaster can be applied in existing homes as well as new construction just like a paint product. Most walls only need the application of primer before beginning work, which I suggest you have done by a professional American Clay approved applicator. My applicator had several hours of training and even more hours in the field, and as I stood by watching her pour, mix and trowel, I was thankful not to be trying to figure this out on my own. For intrepid do-it-yourselfers, there is a DIY page on the American Clay website.

American Clay’s unique combination of clays, aggregates and natural pigments create a zero VOC wall plaster available in four finishes and 24 colors. It is made in the USA and the company’s manufacturing process uses low-energy production standards (e.g., in 2009 250 tons of material cost around $45 in electricity to manufacture). In addition, they use no water in manufacturing, and the product is shipped dry, which saves on fuel and transportation costs, in recyclable packaging.

According to the manufacturer, clay plaster also plays an important role in controlling indoor environments, making it a great candidate for any climate. It can absorb and then release moisture, which regulates both arid and humid air. In bathrooms, this absorption of moisture prevents water from running down the walls. It is mold resistant, and is surprisingly cool to the touch in summer. It is not necessary to seal except in areas that may be exposed to high humidity or splashing water such as kitchens and bathrooms. In these cases, the manufacturer recommends sealers include paste waxes such as Trewax, Bioshield Floor, and Furniture Hardwax.

These eco-friendly features make American Clay Plaster an option for homeowners seeking a green building certification or simply looking for a deeper shade of green for their home’s interior. When it comes to greening your home or office, American Clay has you or at least your walls covered.


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