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Your Personal Source of Clean, Affordable Energy

As it turns out, the gas-guzzlers in every home are the costs of heating and cooling, which can account for up to 50 percent of your utility bill.

Taking drastic action may be tempting but before considering an investment in a green energy solution, ask your local utility if they have an energy audit program in your area.

This first step will help uncover some simple ways to reduce your household’s energy consumption and hopefully your utility bill as well.

Also, it makes good green sense to take a look at the energy efficiency of your appliances—are they over ten years old?—because these big energy consumers play a fundamental role in what it will take to offset your electricity bill.
Once you have those two items checked off the list, you will be pleased to discover that residential renewable energy solutions such as solar and wind, are growing in popularity.

According to Amy Westervelts article Rooftop Pipe-Dream the market for “small wind” turbines that are mounted to rooftops grew …

Solar Empowerment

Gary Gerber, CEO, and founder of Sun Light and Power in Berkeley, California has been working in the renewable energy field for more than 30 years. “I am a general contractor involved in sustainability, and I have been traveling down the road of green construction for over ten years, with a keen interest in the bigger picture of energy,” says Gerber.

He successfully steered his solar design and installation company through the lean years when the country all but abandoned solar energy to the more recent second solar boomtimes. Sun Light and Power (SLP) is at once a pioneer and expert in the field of solar design and installation and has amassed an impressive portfolio of over six hundred installations throughout the Bay Area and is an industry leader in solar thermal and solar electric design and installation.

Renewable Energy in the United StatesGerber remembers the precise moment when he realized how important it is to preserve the world’s vital resources. He was at UC Berkeley where…